#GoRadio 24: The Sounds You Make That Others Are Too Kind To Tell You About

Today’s prompt comes from Jeff Emtman

Set up a recorder before you go to bed. Place it a few feet from where your face normally rests. As you hit record, try to forget its existence. Muster up the courage to fall asleep and then fall asleep. Perhaps you possess internalized shame present in all those who sleep silently. You likely don't though. Your past lovers and friends who've shared your bed are likely too kind to inform you of the nature and severity of your: A) Snoring B) Sleep apnea C) Sleep farts D) Spoken nonsense E) Violent thrashing. I, dear reader, discovered myself to fall firmly into categories D and E after one night of recording myself. I said many things including one point where I rolled over to address the microphone, fully asleep, to say something of the nature of "you see, what you've failed to understand in this whole situation is...." the rest of the tape is incoherent. At another point, I appear to have gotten into a tussle with the metal-slatted venetian blinds that were nearby. And also, of course, I got the night sounds of occasional dogs, distant ambulances, and the surprisingly pleasant sound of sheets being rearranged. Record until the batteries run out. Next morning, find your murmurings and ask the question of whether you exist when you're unconscious...or if sentience is required for personhood.

Jeff Emtman makes KCRW's Here Be Monsters, a show about how fear affects us.