#GoRadio 28: A Day In The Life

Today’s prompt comes from Martina Castro:

Record your every move for a day. Well, at least try. Get the sounds of your routine - getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, making coffee, leaving your apartment,... who do you say hello to? What do you ride to work? Try to catch the most important moments that are part of your every day. Then see if you can edit them down into a 2 minute collage of sound. For extra bonus points, edit them down into 1 minute. Is there a rhythm to your routine? Is there a recurring theme? Is there a story that you can tell, but just through those sounds?

Martina Castro (@martinacastro) is founder and CEO of Adonde Media (@adondemedia), a globally-minded podcast production company based in Brooklyn, New York. Over the past fifteen years, Martina has produced and edited award-winning audio content in both the U.S. and Latin America. She has worked at NPR, KALW-FM in San Francisco, CA, and NPR’s Radio Ambulante, a Spanish-language narrative journalism podcast she co-founded in 2011. She has given numerous workshops and talks, including teaching a university course on audio storytelling for a 2015 Fulbright grant in her family’s native Uruguay. Martina launched Adonde Media in 2017 at the Start-Up Chile pre-seed accelerator program for female founders in Santiago, Chile. Since then, Martina has led multilingual and multinational teams at Adonde with clients such as TED, Duolingo, NPR, Vice News and Spotify to create podcasts that aim to bring new audiences to the medium.