#GoRadio 9: Bathtub Blub Blub

Today’s prompt comes from Jeff Emtman:

1. Pour a hot bath. 2. While tub is filling, find largest vessel in your kitchen, a clean vase works well. Into the vase, put yogurt, frozen bananas, frozen blueberries and strawberries. Use an immersion blender to make a very thick, very smooth, very cold smoothie. Use this to help regulate your body temperature. While this step is technically optional. I do recommend it highly from personal experience. 3. Get in the bath. 4. Dip your ears below. 5. Forget your struggles. 6. Listen for your own sounds otherwise silent. Listen for the bubbles creeping up your back to behind your ears. Listen for every breath, every creak of the joints, every waterfart and stomachgurgle. 7. Drink some smoothie to cool down. 8. Dip below again, listen now for sounds outside your body. The sounds of the tub itself, the sound of sloshes. I used to live in a house with a metal tub that must have been secured to the house's frame very securely. It acted like a microphone for sounds on the street outside. I could hear people walking by, cars passing, airplanes overhead. I once lived in another house where I could hear up and down the building, the mumbling of people in other rooms. Some tubs permit this kind of listening, but others (like the ridiculous Jacuzzi I currently rent), keep your sounds more locally focused. 9. Commit what you've heard to memory. 10. Go to bed.

Jeff Emtman makes KCRW's Here Be Monsters, a podcast about the mating calls of bats, among other things